POS Equipment

POS means Point of sale – a complex of technical solutions for automation of the retail process. The automated retail requires the following equipment: monitors, cash registers, customer displays, programmable keyboards, cash drawers and other equipment. POS equipment is designed to perform a number of cashier’s office functions: calculate the sum owed by the customer, receive payments from customers and print the receipt etc.  POS equipment referred as a complex system of multiple devices and individual devices designed to optimize the operation of the enterprise.


Every entrepreneur interested in the responsiveness and efficiency of the enterprise should consider all the pros and cons of trading equipment and understand the importance of quality equipment purchasing. Nowadays the market offers a wide range of the equipment produced by various companies. RTI Group is a supplier of the production of the world leaders such as Epson, Toshiba IBM and others. RTI Group consultants will help you to navigate the sea of products and to choose the suitable for your point of sale equipment. Each POS equipment unit has many characteristics, and depending on the client’s needs, one can find the best solution for a specific enterprise.


For example, it is necessary to take into account the speed of printing while choosing a fiscal register (printing speed in such devices is measured in millimeters per second). A fiscal printer for a large store or supermarket must print with the maximal speed. After all, customers do not like to stand in a queue and if the service is slow, they can choose another supermarket. But if you’d like to buy a fiscal register for a restaurant or a pub there is no necessary to choose a device with a high speed of printing. The clients usually don’t rush while visiting such establishments. Correctly chosen POS equipment will save the time for customers, simplify the work of staff and ensure perfectly effective functioning of the enterprise.