EAS tags

Super Tag III

SuperTag III is the ultimate choice for retailers looking to protect high-risk, high-value items. The preeminent solution in fulfilling the demand for a small, lightweight reusable hard tag, SuperTagIII is the ideal solution for protecting everything from heavy durable outerwear to delicate intimate…

Electronic article surveillance operating on the acoustomagnetic technology allows significantly reduce the number of thefts from the store.  Such equipment does not cause inconvenience to customers and has a degree of operating up to 95%. The universality of the technology allows using it with a wide range of retail products, and also in drugstores. The hard EAS, tags produced by Sensormatic Company, designed specifically to operate in conjunction with acoustomagnetic pedestal systems. They are suitable for fastening on production of various kinds. There are a various types of fastening of such devices by means of a nail or a cable. The wide range of fastening ways increases the range of tags application. The hard tags are used more than once; the device cannot be deactivated, so at the checkout, it separates from the product by means of a special detacher. The hard EAS tags can be used more than once, but are more expensive than labels. However, such devices are much more visible to the buyer, which is an unofficial warning that the product is protected. The EAS equipment is made in view of the convenience of the customer while fitting of clothes or shoes. The lightweight plastic trinkets will not cause discomfort to buyers.