Any printing device requires consumables whether a printer, a fax or a cash register. Choosing suitable and necessary for your equipment consumables you are taking care of continuous and qualitative work of the devices. Cash register paper is a rolled paper tape that is used for printing of the receipts to the costumers. The quality of the cash register or fiscal printer is directly depends on the quality of the paper. Cash register paper can be made of customary or thermal paper. Thermal paper is treated with a special chemical solution that appears by heating, so the thermal paper must be stored in special protective cases.


The use this or that kind of paper depends on the model of the cash register. Any tape can be both single-layer and double-layer. The single-layer allows printing of the receipts and double-layer, besides of this, keeps a copy of all receipts in the machine. It is worth mentioning that the cash register paper can be of the different widths; diameter of the roll and of the bushing also varies. Another kind of consumables is thermolabels. These are small labels sticking to the various, often weighing goods. A label usually contains the information about the product: weight, price, date of manufacture and other parameters. Such labels are printed on the thermal printers or weighing equipment with the printing function. Such markers are printed on thermal paper.


There are two main types of thermolabels: ECO and TOP. ECO markers are designed for short term storage; they are not suitable for transported products. Although the print quality of the labels is quite high, but it can be affected by external factors. TOP means that the thermolabel is suitable for adhesion to the frozen food; it can be transported and stored. The special protective layer helps to preserve the label in a wet environment. Another type of the consumable is necessary for thermal printer’s work – ribbon. The ribbon is a polyester tape with a dye. This tape is consumed on the same scale as the paper. The thermal transfer tape is required to transfer the dye on the label