Retail automation

The family of software products Symphony EYC consists of modular applications, implementing all aspects of management of retail outlets in a single integrated process combining retail chains, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.


Symphony EYC delivers a unified software platform G.O.L.D. to control basic operations of the trading network, category management, customer relationship management and loyalty.



G.O.L.D. supports a variety of business formats and levels of management, integrates trading operations into a single cost-effective software solutions that help to streamline business processes and improve customer service. G.O.L.D. solution is easily integrated with existing systems at the central office level or the supply chain (initial data, forecasting, storage, physical and online stores) and is available in different formats of channels, languages, currencies, brands and business models including retail, wholesale, franchising, B2B and B2C.


G.O.L.D. key features:


 Optimization of trading operations - the central office, back office, integration of front office / POS.

 Using customer data for stock planning in stores and channels.

 Manage multiple business formats and sales channels with a single, scalable system - control any combination of sales channels relevant to your business, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, mobile and online shopping, "click & collect".

 Increased efficiency and improved customer service using mobile technology in the store.

Integration of processes and operations within the channels with complete operational transparency and control over the operations within the channel.



A full range of business solutions:


G.O.L.D. Merchandise Management (Central) is designed to automate the operations of the Central (purchasing) office. It provides functionality of supply chain management, including:

 Management of the central data repository (parameters, suppliers, logistics and commercial network, nomenclature, purchasing conditions)

 Optimizing supply

 Discounts and bonuses management 

✔ Commercial policy evaluation (stock, pricing)

✔ Managing logistics processes

✔ Management control (reconciliation of accounts, control of procurement budgets / suppliers budgets )

✔ Stocks control (volume and price)


G.O.L.D. PIM (Product Information Management) allows to create a single catalog of products and manage them using a variety of mechanisms of interaction among decision-makers, instruments to automatically synchronize data with external sources, assigning tasks and responsibilities (both internal and external), the processes of reconciliation / validation.


G.O.L.D. Store Operations (Shop) is designed to automate operations at the store:

Manage the local nomenklatura and suppliers
Control of store operations
Reception, shipping, movement
Order Management


G.O.L.D. Store Mobility - a module that provides mobile support for over 30 different operations in the store with Collecting Data Terminals and tablet PCs.