«Plasma-RTI» Service center  operates more than 15 years.


The main function of the service center - providing high-quality services in the field of comprehensive maintenance, repair of commercial and electronic equipment.

Service center provides support for the full range of equipment supplied by «Plasma-RTI».
We provide complex equipment maintenance in warranty and post-warranty period. Comprehensive maintenance is a set of measures to maintain operability of equipment.


Proper and timely maintenance is the key to a full and stable operation of the equipment for a long period of time.

We manufacture service throughout the Republic of Moldova.


Integrated service&suppurt includes:



Presence of a contract by a complex station releases from our partners need to be distracted by technical issues that are not related to its direct activities.


The service center «Plasma-RTI» is a highly qualified team of specialists which regularly held specialized training with years of experience in maintenance and repair of equipment that can solve the problems of varying degrees of complexity.


Our partners are leading manufacturers of commercial and electronic equipment:

Datalogic, EPSON ( TM printers ), Dibal, Firich Enterprises Co, Citizen, PRO Intellect Technology, Sensormatic, Zebra , etc.


Today «Plasma-RTI» is selected by more than 250 leading companies - the largest manufacturing and trading networks throughout Moldova.