Sound systems

The sound systems (acoustic systems) include the equipment for the transmission of voice messages, alerts of emergency evacuation and music broadcasting. The sound systems are widely used in the HoReCa establishments, in malls, in shops, in transport, in industry and in parks. The systems are selected individually for each institution. While choosing an acoustic system a major role plays such factors as the location of the room, inside or outside, premise size and acoustics. The acoustic systems are divided into two main categories: music translators, which are suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars, and can only transmit audio, and repeaters to transmit voice and emergency alert.


The function of speech transmission is essential in large shopping centers, railway stations, in the resort and in the transport. A sound system is installed by a number of equipment, such as loudspeakers (speakers), power amplifiers, control devices, sound processing devices and audio sources. Loudspeakers as one of the key elements of the sound system have different parameters, both technical and exterior. The places of the loudspeakers installation also varies. The ceiling speakers are best suited for indoor installation, allowing uniform distribution of sound. However, the installation of ceiling loudspeakers requires a dropped ceiling.


The loudspeakers of the in-wall series can replace the ceiling ones. The horn loudspeakers are suitable for galleries, halls with high ceilings and open spaces. They allow increasing the overall efficiency of the sound spreading. Good looking floor speakers are made in view of room design, fit well with the interiors of cafes and restaurants. In addition to providing good acoustics the speakers must meet the requirements of the environment. The equipment should be resistant to humidity, high or low air temperature and shocks. The devices produced by Apart Company will excellently fit to equip your restaurant, shop or enterprise with the acoustic system. Our company will help you to choose a suitable for all parameters equipment; will hold a quality installation and configuration of your acoustic system. If you have any difficulties our staff will provide technical support, instruct the staff of your institution and eliminate all possible problems.