Loudspeakers are electroacoustic devices for music or speech translation. Nowadays market offers a wide range of acoustic systems of various categories to choose a suitable one.  The Belgian company Apart, renowned provider of high-quality audio equipment, produces a wide range of devices for audio playback. The production of the Company meets all the requirements of quality and reliability. The European manufacturers in addition to perfect technical specifications have taken care about the environment. The devices are made of rapidly decayed plastic and energy-efficient.  To install the speakers in rooms with low noise level - the changing rooms, receptions or toilets fit small devices, built into the ceiling. They can be used in rooms with high humidity level so they are impregnated with a special solution. The Apart MASK4T speakers are made of shockproof plastic. All the pins and switches of the device are protected against the ingress of moisture with a rubber casing. Such equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rock-styled case of the ROCK20 model can complete the design of a room or a flower-bed with an unusual touch. The device can perform outdoors.