Specialized Printers

The RTI Group offers specialized printers for realization of the different functional tasks. Every enterprise, depending on its activity need to printout some stuff, whether labels, price tickets for shops or plastic badges. Label printing devices operationally solve the question of marking of production, whether labeling of goods or packaging of goods. You won’t have to contact the print shop and order a whole batch of markers, which will save time and allows controlling the printing process. The printers can optionally use different types of paper depending on the principle of operation of the device. Two types of devices are the most comfortable for work.


These are thermal printer and thermal transfer printer. Thermal printing is performed by means of contact of the heated to a certain temperature head of the device with paper treated with a special solution. As a result of the heating of the certain points of the thermal paper, shows the information. Thermal paper is the paper sprayed with the chemical solution and that reacts on heating. Such paper is typically made ​​up of several layers - treated with chemical solution paper or plastic layer and a protective layer, which prevent contamination and erasing of the thermal streak. You can optionally select thermal paper with adhesive layer (for labeling). The main advantage of the thermal printers is no needing to renew printing inks - such equipment requires only thermal paper.


However, there is necessary to consider a number of properties while choosing the thermal paper. The paper reacts to the heat and hence to the sunlight and also to applied strong pressure. The labels printed on a thermal paper can be used 2-3 years under conditions of an enabling environment. The thermal transfer printing is applied when there is necessary to ensure the longevity of printed materials or under condition of use the labels in an unfriendly environment (high temperature, direct sunlight, high humidity, friction). Thermal transfer printers, in addition to paper, require special coloring ribbons. The labels, printed with such equipment are suitable for industrial needs, where is a possibility of contact with foreign materials, of friction and of contamination. The RTI Group consultants will offer you various models of specialized printers manufactured by the American Company Zebra Tehnologies. The specialized printers are selected according to the size of the enterprise and on the level of loading of the devices. You can choose conventional or industrial models.