Weighing equipment

Weighing equipment is a specialized equipment, which is characterized by certain parameters depending on its application. By purpose, such equipment is divided into several groups: technological devices, laboratory, trading, for special measurements. The constant parameter of such equipment is a measurement of the mass of the product. The modern electronic models have a built-in memory that stores information about the price of the goods or other data. In addition, the devices as a part of automated system help in preparation of the reports on the processes, taking place in the enterprise.


Trading weighing equipment is intended not just to weight the product, but also plays an important role in the economic relations. Nowadays, devices for weighing allow tracking the movement of goods, simplify record keeping and optimize expenses of the entrepreneur. Our Company offers weighing equipment for trading of the world-renowned brand Mettler Toledo. Mettler Toledo is a guarantee of quality and reliability. A several types of weighing equipment may be necessary for integration of the automated system. Visiting our website, you can take into consideration a variety of models of the scales such as weigh price labelers, weighing terminals (for industrial needs), laboratory balances and retail scales.


The modern retail scales such as, for example, the Tiger-E model, have the ability to connect to a personal computer, but also can be applied independently. Weigh price labelers can be used by supermarket’s staff or for customer self-service. The user-friendly interface of the self-service scales is designed to take into account customers’ needs. Any customer will easily understand how to weigh a product. Weighing terminals can be used while receiving the products and also in any section of the supermarket. Advanced printing features, allow one to present on labels additional information about the product, such as for example the composition or ingredients. Weighing terminals are indispensable in the product packaging. Performing of stainless steel devices is reliable and durable.