IP video surveillance

The video surveillance system includes a complex of equipment such as cameras, monitors (convenient or special) and the signal processing means. The signal processing means is usually NVR (Network Video Recorder). A video recorder is the device for recording, storage and playback of video information. The device allows creating of archives of the video recordings and easily access to them. IP systems of video surveillance are the most popular today. Such systems have great advantages compared with systems based on the analog technique of video recording. IP cameras have a high-resolution. One such camera is capable to replace up to 6 analog devices. The video camera can be powered via Ethernet.


Almost all such devices have two channels of audio transmission. This means that using the camera one can not only see but also hear what is happening near the device. A duplex channel allows one to talk with a person standing near the camera; it can be useful, for example, for consultation of the ATM users. Another feature of the IP system is a high ranging. In addition, these solutions implement many of modern technologies such as mobile applications and others. Where the video surveillance is necessary? Such systems are necessarily installed in the sales area of shops and supermarkets at the reception in offices, warehouses, factories, as well as in restaurants, in cafes and malls.


The best to install the system before the end of decorating the room, as the installation may require changes to the interior. Cooperating with consultants of RTI, you will get all the necessary information on the installation of the system. To ensure the safety of a supermarket or shop, video surveillance should embrace the areas such as a retail trade room, cash-desk area, entrance /exit and storages. Video cameras should be installed so as far as possible to avoid dead angles. It is better to equip the warehouses with cameras before the arrival of goods.  Such actions will restrict employees from possible claims for the products stored in the warehouse. The unscrupulous employees can cause the greatest damage to the enterprise.