Supply chain management

Platform Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. is known for its ability to cut costs, reduce inventory, improve efficiency, increase service levels and above all, provides opportunities to ensure the availability of products and increasing the transparency of suppliers transactions of goods by processing all data, trading and distribution in the supply chain. Symphony EYC provides comprehensive and optimized warehouse management system, and provide global access to support rapid decision-making.


Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. SCM (Supply Chain Management)



A full range of business solutions:


G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management (Stock) - WMS-module for automation of warehouse management (warehouses, distribution centers), tracking and delivery control, shipment and movement inside the warehouse. The functionality of the module allows you to track and take control over warehouse operations in real time.


Key features:


✔ Optimization of warehouse operations

✔ Reduce the number of errors of up to 80%

✔ Increase productivity up to 30%


G.O.L.D. Warehouse Billing - a tool that provides the oportunities of manage, control and billing of all logistics costs associated with one or several warehouses. G.O.L.D. Warehouse Billing allows you to use a variety of locations, companies, currencies, languages.


G.O.L.D. Voice Operations - warehouse operations management module, using voice recognition technology.


G.O.L.D. Replenishment - optimization supply module. It allows you to increase efficiency by automatically generating pre-orders (order proposals) for GOLD Central, tacking into account optimal parameters of the logistics and contractual restrictions.