Turnichet glisant Tiso SPEEDBLADE 500/900

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Un astfel de turnichet poate fi actionat atat automat, cat si manual.

Este prevazut cu led-uri: in partile frontale ale turnichetului si cu un brat din sticla transparenta cu iluminare.

Turnichetul are o viteza de deschidere de 0,8 secunde.

Dispozitivul este potrivit pentru spatii interioare, precum centre comerciale, institutii administrative, banci sau birouri.

In cazul in care are loc o pana de curent, turnichetul functioneaza in ambele directii.

Speedblade is a type of motorized turnstile featured with sliding flaps operation principle. Housing materials and light weight cabinets’ shape make Speedblade turnstile universal for large variety of facilities with heightened requirements to esthetic equipment appearance. As well as other turnstiles of freeway series, Speedblade has implemented anti-tailgating function. Sliding flaps are made of glass, polycarbonate is optional. Turnstiles can be controlled by push button or via ACS (access control system).


• Speedblade equipped with sensors that allows to detect tailgating;

• Successful combination of affordable price and high quality;

• Customized surface finish and top lid;

• Steadfast housing suitable for high traffic areas

• Solution for disabled and trolley access;

• Can be integrated with any type of access control systems

• Low power consumption;

• Low noise system operation;

• Can be mounted on a mobile platform (TiSO Frame-M).


• Wired remote control panel.

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