Tiger 3600

Producer: Mettler Toledo

Scales, commercial, electronic Mettler Toledo Tiger P 3600 has a wide range of equipment solutions for the diverse tasks of weighing and labeling in the trade. Tiger 3600 - universal trade balance. A new series of trade weights METTLER TOLEDO is named after the tiger - an ancient Eastern symbol of strength and luck. For 5,000 years the Chinese horoscope sign tiger symbolizes strength, reliability, and good luck, prosperity and financial success in matters.


  • Built-in printer labels
  • User-friendly interface
  • Programmable labels design
  • Memory 7600 PLU
  • Ethernet
Greatest limit of weighing 6.15
Discreteness, d (range weighing) 2.5
Compensation tare weight 9,995 kg
Direct challenge to the goods, the key 28/56
Memory Capacity of goods 7500
Print type thermal
Label width from 47 to 62 mm
Length of the string (name of product) up to 30 characters
Name of product 2 lines
The service life of the thermal head 70 km of thermal paper
Supply voltage 170-240V/50Gts
Power consumption 100 W
Operating temperature range -10 ~ +40
Dimensions 366 x 462 x 180 mm (compact version) 366 x 458 x 470 mm (with stand)
Weight 12.5 kg